Staff Profiles

Managing Director

Derek Ness

  • Founder Member of SP Systems (now Gurit) in 1981
  • Technical Director of SP Systems for 25 years
  • Responsible for a number of key patents on composite materials
    • SPRINT breathable prepreg
    • CBS composite material for automotive panels
    • Composite surfacing Material for class A car body panels
    • SPARC weatherable film for Wind Turbines

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Nick Partington

  • Research and Development Manager of SP Systems for 12 years
  • Global Technical Leader of Gurit for 5 years
  • Holder of patents on prepreg and SPRINT materials
  • Responsible for developing product ranges in the following markets:
    • Marine
    • Automotive
    • Wind Turbine
    • Ballistic

Applications Chemist

Tom Lang

Chemistry BSc (Hons) - University of Surrey 2014-2017

  • FTIR Spectroscopy (with a focus on chemometric modelling).
  • Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry
  • Thermal and Mechanical Analysis
  • Optical Microscopy

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