Statistics- aren’t they just wonderful?

As a student I seemed to miss out on statistics. I did the mean, median, and mode, and even managed standard deviation, but that was about that.  I got through my professional life with that level of understanding on the subject, but lately I have had a bit of an Epiphany  (well Easter is approaching!). […]

Blog November 2016

I have been a bit remiss on the blog ( for a moth or two!!) – sorry but I am back into it and here goes. Often we get bits of material brought into the lab and are asked to check them out and see if they are what they should be. The simple way […]

The history of APD (and ramblings)

You would expect that most businesses are based on market research then preparation of a business plan, with cash flow projections and the like in them. Well that didn’t really happen with APD. The history of it goes back to early 2013 when I was contacted by Jeremy Dolby who was setting up a company […]

Nov 2015

November is upon us and the nights are drawing in ( I suppose at least we have Christmas to look forward to!). We seem to go from not enough work to too much work in rather a short space of time. We are now definitely in the too much work mode. One of my jobs […]

October 2015

The summer is now over and its back to work until we get a well earned break at Christmas. We have had a few developments ( if you don’t mind the pun) at APD since I last had time to blog. We have a new recruit. Nick Partington is joining us on Monday. Nick is […]

May 2015

We have been doing quite a bit of analytical work recently on epoxy resins and epoxy  systems. The GC MS has been great for this but it can only really handle resins up to a molecular weight of 400. It has to be able to volatilize the materials so that they can get through the […]

Blog April 2015

Last month we had the annual trip to JEC in Paris. This is the biggest composite show of the year. It is on 3 floors of a massive hall in Paris. Everyone in the business is there, either on their own stand or going round getting free coffees nibbles or something stronger at the other […]

March 2015

Well thanks to the engineers from Agilent (the makers of the GC-MS) we now have the autosampler working well. It is so much better at injection samples in than I am. The injection is now easy all I have to sort out now is the data analysis. ( I am going on a course on […]

Feb 2015

February Another busy month, lots of different jobs going through the lab, ranging from routine testing of panels for customers to more exciting forensic analysis of composite samples. One thing that has become apparent is that we need to improve our microscopy. When we started APD we bought a cheap Chinese microscope and not surprisingly […]

January 2015 APD Update

Jan 2015   Well I have finally got the web site up and running. We have been in business now for just over 12 months and what with all the other stuff (getting the lab equipped and then moving it into the new unit) the web site has had to take a back seat, but […]